About Me – Millennial Menus

Growing up, food was always an important fixture in my life. As a millennial with student loans and a busy schedule,  simple recipes that fit in my budget became equally as important. I decided to create Millennial Menus, for others to join me in the kitchen and on my journey. Currently working in a professional kitchen, I’ve learned tips and recipes and developed them into my own. The posts you read are a combination of my professional knowledge, as well as my own research and family input. Some of these recipes are from chefs that I admire, and some are a blend of several culinary geniuses. These restaurant quality recipes are for your home and family, and I hope you always stay hungry!

Of course, we always have to go out and try new things! Mixed in with the home cooked meals posts are some adventures that we’ve gone on to explore the foodie culture. Living in Las Vegas, we have an exploding foodie scene with Michelin rated restaurants, celebrity chefs, and the best mom-and-pop’s. We also have the chance to venture to other parts of the country and the world. Every so often, you’ll see a post about a local Las Vegas restaurant, or a place far away from home. Checking out new places and traveling is the best way to expand your mind!

Millennial Menus came about because I was looking for a place to test my recipes and share them for feedback. Also, I wanted to record the bits of advice that made me a better cook.  I believe everyone is happiest when they have a good meal. Give these recipes a try and let me know how they turn out! I’m always excited to hear how others fare in the kitchen, and look to you to teach me as well!