Tip Tuesday 1/31/17

A broiler is a feature of your oven that I’m sure has been rarely used before. You can consider it as an upside down grill, because it has a similar cooking method of direct heat. In a gas oven it is a single rod with flames coming out of both sides. In an electric oven it is a coil. 

A broiler is similar to a salamander oven in a restaurant, with It being used to cook food at a direct high heat. It’s a grate feature for roasted vegetables, cooking thin meats or fish, caramelizing the exterior of an item with a glaze, melting something, toasting something, etc.

A couple of things to remember when using the broiler:

  • Preheat the broiler for a few minutes before use
  • It only cooks the outer surface of the item, so only use thin cuts of meat, fish and fresh vegetables
  • You can start the item in the oven and then finish with the broiler setting, or vice versa 
  • It cooks the items quickly because of the direct heat
  • Depending on the set up of the broiler, place the items on the pan directly under the flame for cons