Keeping Brown Sugar Soft

Tip Tuesday: 12/13/16

When you are about to make a batch of your favorite cookies, there is nothing worse than rock hard brown sugar when you need it most. Don’t worry though you won’t have to break out your ice pick and hack at it to death. There are a few different ways to save it, depending on how much time you have. Here are a few tricks to prevent your brown sugar from hardening and ways to bring it back to life if it does:

  1. Airtight Container 
  2. Use a piece of Bread in the bag or container 
  3. Or use a  Apple Wedge 
  4. Or Marshmallows 
  5. For a quick fix microwave with a wet paper towel 

The bread, apple wedge, and marshmallows can be used as a preventative method, as well as a long tim fix. The brown sugar absorbs whatever moisture there is in the bread, apple, and marshmallow to rehydrate itself. It’s interesting how the sugar will stay soft and the bread will not get moldy. If you do not have time to wait for one of these to fix your issue, you can microwave the brown sugar with a wet paper towel.