Natural Lighting

Tip Tuesday 2/7/17

Lighting is the most important thing when it comes to food photography-it sets the mood of the story. Understanding how to manipulate natural lighting will help to set your photos apart from the everyday Instagram and twitter food pic.

  1. Natural light is the best light for food photography
  2. Sometimes natural light can be a little too harsh, and it needs to be filtered to soften it. You can use semi-sheer white curtains, large white cotton or linen napkin, etc.
  3. When you get light coming from one direction, it can cast harsh shadows coming from the other. You can use a white foam board to reflect the natural light back onto the object to reduce those harsh shadows.
  4. If natural light isn’t an option you can use Photo Studio Day Light Umbrellas, Softbox lights, photography tent. Each of these provide light that is equivalent to natural daylight (but try your best to always use natural light as much as possible).