Tools of the Trade: Potato Ricer

Tip Tuesday: 10/11/16


It looks like an XXXXL garlic press. A Potato Ricer (or just ricer) is a kitchen implement used to process cooked potatoes, or other foods such as turnips or yucca, by forcing it through a sheet of small holes. Doing this creates smaller pieces of potatoes that resemble small grains of rice. You can then puree with cream, butter, olive oil or whatever you want to use to make your mashed potatoes.

This is a key to perfect buttery and smooth mashed potatoes. To get your own ricer you can visit and buy one for $10 and up. You can use it to make mash potatoes, baby food, strain water from sautéed greens, etc. The two types of ricers that i have used thus far are like the image at the top of the tip with two handles resembling a garlic press or what is known as a food mill which uses a churning motion with the same sheet of holes.