How To Roll An Egg Roll

Tip Tuesday


Here is the process of rolling your own homemade egg rolls (the process is the same for a burrito, minus the liquid at the end).

  1. Place the wonton on a dry surface in the shape of a diamond, with the bottom corner pointed at you.
  2. Place a live of filling near the bottom corner, with a little space at each end.
  3. Tuck the bottom corner over the filling and under it.
  4. Fold the right and left corners towards the center creating the shape of a envelope.
  5. Start rolling, tucking it nice and tight as you go (and air that is left in the egg roll will cause it to explode in the fryer).
  6. Right before you finish the last roll, brush a little water on the wrapper and then finish the roll (the water wil seal the egg roll).