Sealing Dumplings and Raviolis

Tip Tuesday 1/3/17

To keep that delicious filling from oozing out you have to create that perfect seal on the dumpling, egg roll, or ravioli that you are making. You can do this in two ways:

  1. Using a pastry brush or your finger brush the surface with an egg wash around the edges of the stuffing and then either press another sheet of dough over the top and press together to seal or fold in half (egg wash usually used for raviolis)
  2. You can do the same process from step one, but with water instead of egg wash. 
  3. Just recently learned this one from my buddy Chef Nico. When he makes lumpia (Filipino style egg rolls) he uses a slurry (cornstarch and water), it gives it an added crunch and extra seal. Thanks for the tip Nico! i’ll have to try that out, lumpias are one of my favorites!

*When sealing a ravioli, try to get as much of the air out of where the filling is to prevent it from creating an air bubble when cooking, causing it to burst.