Tip Tuesday


Pure starch slurries are a great replacement for the common culinary roux. Pure starches like arrowroot and corn starch have a greater thickening power, ounce for ounce, than flour and do not require long simmering like roux. Another benefit of pure starch slurries is that they lend less color or none at all to the final product.

Making a slurry is easier than making a roux, all you need is your starch of choice and water. The ratio is one to one. In a bowl mix together the water and starch until it resembles the consistency of heavy cream with no clumps. It is best to mix the slurry little but little in the sauce until the desired consistency is achieved. If you make the slurry ahead of time, it will more than likely separate and the starch will settle at he bottom. So before each use make sure to give it a quick whisk.

Here is a quick guide to the most common starches you can use for a slurry: