Travel Trip: Off The Beaten Path

 Tip Tuesday 6/28/16image

When traveling in another city or another country, try to find places to eat that are not in the touristy areas. For one, the portions will usually be bigger and the prices cheaper, and sometimes the food will be much better. I saw this difference first hand during my trip to  Venice, Italy while I was in college. I had spent a weekend in Venice, which naturally wasn’t nearly enough. I remember waking along all of the shops in the tourist area looking for a place to eat. Found a restaurant that looked good and ordered a plate of pasta. When it came out it looked as if it was an appetizer portion and was ridiculously over priced. The next day went out looking for food decided to get lost and take the back streets, found a little place and decided to try it. Spend half the amount of money for nearly three times the amount of food. When restaurants are in the touristy areas they have the ability and most of the time the need to charge three times the normal price because they have to pay more for rent. So the next time you go somewhere get a little lost and try the places that the locals go to, it will be well worth it for your stomach and your wallet.