Oven Temperatures

  Tip Tuesday 7/19/16


It is crucial, especially when baking, to have your oven at the proper temp. In some cases your oven could not be calibrated properly causing your oven to be off a few degrees here or there, or in my case 50 to 100 degrees off. Variations in temperatures can make a huge different in baking, even ruin a recipe. The first step to fixing this issue is to buy an oven thermometer and compare it to whatever temp you set your oven to. If there is a difference, you can either call someone to calibrate your oven or you can just deal with it. In my case I just figured out what temps I had to use to get the proper temp and monitored it during the baking process, and adjust as necessary. This is only a short term solution. Making sure your equipment is always working properly is a key to success in the kitchen.

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