Cooked Meat Temperatures

 Tip Tuesday 7/26/16


When talking about meat, I am referring to beef, veal and lamb. The time that it takes to get to these temperatures will differ from the type of meat, the cut of meat, the thickness of that cut, etc. I recommend buying and instant read thermometer (you can find one on Amazon for as cheap as $10). Being able to monitor what temperature of the meat will ensure you enjoy it how you want it.

For steak here are the estimated cooking times to achieve each temperature:

  • Blue* 115-120: 1 min on each side, very spongy to the touch
  • Rare 125-135: 2 1/2 min each side, soft and spongy feeling with slight resistance
  • Medium Rare 135-145: 3-4 min each side, fairly soft and spongy and slightly springy
  • Medium 145-155: 4 min each side, fairly firm and springy
  • Medium Well 155-165: 5 min each side, firm and slight spring
  • Well 165-^: 6 min each side, very firm, no red color within

When cooking a steak, pull off the heat 5 degrees before your desired temperature. The steak will continue to cook as its resting (known as carry over). Do not slice your steak for at least 5 minutes. Resting your meat gives it the opportunity to reabsorb all of its own juices, keeping the meat juicier and more flavorful.

*Black and Blue refers to the cooking process of searing or grilling steak at a high temperature for one minute on each side, sealing the outside of the meat and leaving the center cold.

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