Tools of the Trade: Mandolin Slicer

Tip Tuesday: 12/27/16

A Mandolin, the slicer not the instrument, is a hand held slicer used to slice objects uniformly thin, and with attachments it can julienne or crinkle cut.  A mandolin is used to make consistent thin slices. It is adjustable to whatever thickness you desire for slicing your food. It is a great tool for those that have trouble with their knife skills, and can also assist when needing to julienne or dice food. It is a great tool for foods that are deep-fried or baked (such as potato chips), as well as items for the purpose of presentation.

Disclaimer:Like a knife you have to be careful when using a mandolin, because the blades are extremely sharp. And if the blades are not properly maintained and becomes dull, it can cause major injuries. 

Two types of mandolins are frequently used in professional kitchens: 

One is a stainless steel blade. This one is a Japanese mandolin, it comes in green and brown (larger size). You can find the Green one on Amazon for $23, and the brown one for $34. *Hand wash only

Another option is a ceramic blade. With most of these they are limited with the degrees of thickness that you can adjust to, but I find this one easier to use because you are less likely to cut yourself and it works just as well as the stainless steel blade. You can find this mandolin on Amazon for $15, and it comes in multiple colors. *Preferably hand wash, but these are safe to put in the dishwasher.

This is something that every home cook and professional should have in their arsenal. We will cover how to safely use a mandolin in the near future. I hope you enjoyed this tip and learned something new!