Trussing Chicken

Tip Tuesday: 9/27/16


when roasting a chicken, instead of using butchers twine to truss (or tie) a chicken just simply use its own skin. Start by stuffing the cavity with whatever aromatics or flavorings you want. Cut a slit in the thick layers of skin on both sides of the cavity near the legs. Cross one leg to the other side and put in the slit, doing the same on the other side. Lather the exterior with your choice of seasoning and fat (olive oil, duck fat, butter, etc.) and roast away for a crispy exterior and a juicy interior

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  1. Jesse Grillo says:

    I really love your post however… I am dyslexic. Do you have videos on the topic? I have been surfing on-line more than 3 hours today. Incredible. You have made my day!

    1. Millennial Menus says:

      Hi Jesse! Yes i will create a video for this topic! thank you for your comment!

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