Unsalted Butter

Tip Tuesday 2/28/17

In a professional kitchen you will not see a stick of butter like this in the walk in refrigerator, you will only see 1 lb blocks. So all four of your sticks on butter are used at one time in a restaurant. On average a restaurant will have about 60 bounds of butter on hand; in banquets you can expect to double or triple that amount. We tend to use butter like it’s candy, Paula Dean would be so proud ya’ll.

When you go into the store you have the option of salted and unsalted. Can you guess which one professional kitchens mainly use?

If you read the title and said unsalted, you would be correct. In most kitchens unsalted butter is used because you can never really tell the salt content of salted butter, which would throw off the rest of the seasoning for the recipe. That is why we trust unsalted butter, we get to taste and adjust our own seasoning.

When it comes to baking I would recommend to use salted butter, because unlike cooking you usually don’t have the chance to taste and adjust.